UTP 65 D 312 (29/9) Electrodes

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Dissimilar Metals

UTP 65 D has been developed to satisfy the highest requirements for joining and surfacing.

It is extremely crack-resistant when joining steels of difficult weldability, such as e. g. hard manganese steels, tool steels, spring steels, high speed steels as well as dissimilar metal joints.

Due to the good corrosion and abrasion resistance and high tensile strength UTP 65 D finds its application particularly in repair and maintenance of machine and drive components, such as gears, cams, shafts, hot cuts, hot trim plates and dies.

Also ideally suited as an elastic cushioning layer for very hard surfacings.

UTP 65 D has outstanding welding properties. Stable arc, spatterfree.

The finely rippled seam has a homogeneous structure, very good slag removal, self-lifting on parts.

Good weldability in awkward positions. Stainless, creep resistant and workhardening.

Hardness of the pure weld metal: approx. 260 HB

AWS A5.15: E312-16

EN ISO 3581-A: E 29 9 R 12

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