Bohler Thermanit GE-316L Si TIG Filler Wire

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Stainless Steel

TIG rod of W 19 12 3 L Si / ER316LSi type for welding austenitic stainless steel of 17Cr-12Ni-2.5Mo type or similar. Also suitable for
welding steels that are stabilized with titanium or niobium, such as 1.4571 / 316Ti for service temperatures not exceeding 400ºC. For
higher temperatures a niobium-stabilized consumable such as BöHLER SAS 4-IG (Si) is required. Excellent resistance to general, pitting
and intercrystalline corrosion in chloride containing environments. Intended for severe service conditions, e.g. in dilute hot acids. Microstructure is austenite with 5 – 10% ferrite. Max. service temperature 400ºC

AWS A5.9: ER316LSI

EN ISO 14343-A: W 19 12 3 L Si

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