Zinc-Dark Galvanising Spray – 500ml

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Zinc-Dark galvanising spray offers high quality, long term corrosion protection in the production, maintenance and construction industries. It can be used as a coating on pipes and steel fabrications to reduce corrosion and is an exceptionally good primer coat.

It protects welds on both bare metal or previously galvanised surfaces. It protects iron. piping ducts, water tanks automotive and machine parts.

Ideal for use in ports, docks, marine and offshore industries.

It compatable for spraying onto  acrylic, cellulose, alkyd, p/u alkyd and epoxy.

Adheres well to metal surfaces.

Self healing mechanism – scratched are resealed by the formation of Zinc Oxide and Carbonates.

  • Fast Drying
  • Good Corrosion Protection
  • Resistant to pealing and flakind
  • Durable,Hydrophobic Film- Repels Water
  • Tough Polymeric Zinc – Dark Film
  • Good trmperature Resistance – 30Deg C to + 150 Deg C.

Contains 99.9% Purity Zinc.