XR940A Welding Helmet & Respirator

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XR940A supplies clean, filtered air to the welder. The blower unit has an electronic control unit that constantly monitors and adjusts the fan to ensure a
minimum of 170nl/min air flow. The same system provides alarms which are visual, audible and vibrate for blocked filters and low battery condition.

The battery life is normally more than 11 hours on low setting and 9 hours on high setting, but the condition of the filter can affect this.
The welding helmet has a multi adjustable head band with enhanced support to spread the load evenly on the welder’s head.

The unit sits comfortably at the base of the back supported by a belt and shoulder straps.

Product Information

The Parweld Powered Air Purifying Respiratory System is an easy-to-use, versatile respirator for particulate environments. With a compact and slim design, the powered air respirator is the answer to your respiratory protection needs.

The lightweight blower unit fits close to the user’s back, with additional shoulder straps, reducing the leverage effect that can cause PAPRs to feel heavier. Contoured outer surface makes it less likely to snag on other objects. Lightweight lithium battery packs ensure long life and eliminate memory effect ensuring full shift operation.

The unit is fitted with a P3 particulate main filter coupled with a carbon odour pre filter and a stainless steel spark trap to preserve the filters.

Filter lifetime is dependant upon the working environment. The unit is not suitable to operation in areas where the oxygen supply is depleted or there may be a risk of toxic gas build up.

Simple, one-button control with triple alarms – audible, LED and vibration, alert the user of the following conditions, low battery, low airflow or particle filter is blocked.

Electronic control system keeps the calibrated airflow at the pre-set level and compensates for filter clogging or loss of battery charge to ensure constant air flow to the operator.

Straightforward maintenance with the battery and filter changed in seconds by hand. The belt and blower unit have smooth outer surfaces, to limit obstruction and facilitate fast cleaning. The operator can sit or lie down without obstruction to air flow. User interface gives key operating information (fan speed, air flow, battery and filter).

This system is TH3P certified in accordance with European standard EN12941: 1998/A 1:2004/A2:2008 TH3P