Weco Discovery 172T TIG Welding Plant

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Single Phase TIG Welders

The Weco Discovery 172T is a highly sophisticated but simple to operate single phase inverter TIG DC and MMA welding machine. In TIG DC mode ordinary steel, stainless steel and copper are easily weldable.

Supplied with  4Mtr PRO17 flexi neck torch & 4 meter earth lead.

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Weco Discovery 172T Features:

Quick Start.

The Q Start (Quick start) function speeds up the joining of parts in the initial stage of the welding process. On activating this function the machine automatically switches to synergic pulsed mode for a preset time. The resulting pulses create movement of the molten metal on the two sheet metal edges thereby accelerating formation of the joint. This function is invaluable in the case of seams with slight openings or with irregular preparation. The duration of the series of pulses can be adjusted, (from 0.1 to 60 second) depending on the thickness and shape of the sheet to be welded.


The Multitack function reduces the heat output while joining two light gauge parts. A series of arc strikes at short time intervals allows the material to cool during the pause between one strike and the next and thus minimises its deformation. The ability to adjust the frequency of the arc strikes makes it possible to adapt the arc to the welding speed and the joint geometry.

Quick Spot.

The Q-Spot (Quick Spot) function reduces tacking times for light gauge sheet metal. The operator places the tungsten electrode on the workpiece, thereby obtaining perfect control of the position of the join, once the electrode has been lifted the machine emits a very high intensity pulse with a very short preset time (from 0.01 Sec to 10 Sec). The pulse time varies depending on the type of  metal to be joined. In this way the material is tacked instantly with minimum heat transfer, leaving the metal white, clean and almost cold.




Product Information

Weco Discovery 172T Technical Data
Mains Voltage 230 V
Output current MMA 10A – 150A
Output current TIG 5A – 170A
Duty cycle at 40 deg ambient temperature
60 % dc 150 A
100 % dc 130 A
Open circuit voltage 53 V
Mains voltage (tolerances) 230 V (± 15% )
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Mains fuse (slow-blow) 1 x 16 A
Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 400 x 160 x 260mm
Weight approx. 8.6 kg