UTP DUR 600 Hardfacing Electrodes

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UTP DUR 600 Hardfacing Electrodes


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UTP DUR 600 hardfacing electrodes are universally applicable for cladding on parts of steel, cast steel and high Mn-steel,
subject simultaneously to abrasion, impact and compression.

Typical application fields are the earth moving and stone treatment industry, e.g. excavator teeth,
bucker knives, crusher jaws and cones, mill hammers etc., but also for cutting edges on cold cutting tools.

The deposit is machinable by grinding only.

Hardness of pure weld deposit 56 – 58 HCR

After soft-annealing 780 -820°C / oven approx. 25 HRC

After hardening 1000 – 1050°C / oil approx. 60 HRC

1 layer on high Mn-steel approx. 22 HRC

2 layers on high Mn-steel approx. 40 HRC