UTP A722 TIG Wire (C22)

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Bohler Welding

UTP A 722 is suitable for joining materials of the same and similar nature, e.g. material-no.
2.4602 (NiCr21Mo14W / UNS N06022) and special stainless steels. Furthermore it can be
used for dissimilar joints of these alloys with low-alloyed materials and cladding on lowalloyed steels.
UTP A 722 is commonly used in the production of components and plants for chemical
processes involving highly corrosive media.
Good corrosion-resistance against acetic acid and its anhydride, hot contaminated sulphuric and phosphoric acids and other contaminated oxidizing mineral acids.
Intermetallic precipitation is widely prevented.

AWS A 5.14: ER NiCrMo-10

EN ISO 18274: S Ni 6022 (NiCr21Mo13Fe4W3)


UTP A722 (C22) TIG Wire