Thermanit 18/17 E Mn (317L) TIG Filler Wire

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Bohler Welding

Stainless; resistant to intercrystalline corrosion and wet corrosion up to 400 °C (752 °F). High Mo
content provides high resistance to Cl-bearing environment and pitting corrosion. Non magnetic.
Well suited for joining and surfacing to matching and similar austenitic non-stabilized and stabilized
stainless and non magnetic CrNiMo(N) steels / cast steel grades.

Base materials
TÜV-certified parent metal
1.4429 – X2CrNiMo17-13-3
1.4436 – X3CrNiMo17-13-3
1.4438 – X2CrNiMo18-15-4
1.4439 – X2CrNiMoN17-13-5
1.4583 – X10CrNiMoNb18-12
AISI 316Cb, 316LN, 317LN, 317L; UNS S31726

AWS A5.9: ER317L (mod.)

EN ISO 14343-A: W Z18 16 5 N L