Resettable Fuel Gas Flashback Arrestor

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Flash Back Arrestors

Resettable flashback arrestors fit between the regulator outlet and the gas hose and are an essential safety device when using oxy fuel equipment.

The main function of the flashback arrestor is to extinguish a flame which has flashed back into the gas line which is potentially very dangerous situation.  An FBA (Flashback arrestor) should be fitted to both the Oxygen and the fuel gas hose lines. The flashback arrestor incorporates a pressure sensitive cut off valve or a non return valve, plus a temperature sensitive cut off valve

If these resetable flashback arrestors are triggered due to an internal temperature cut off, once the problem is corrected, the device is reset and work can be continued.

Suitable for use with acetylene, propane & hydrogen gas

Inlet Connection:    3/8″ Female BSP Left Hand

Outlet Connection: 3/8″ Male BSP Left Hand

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