Polinox P Rapid Pickling Paste

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POLINOX P Rapid is a spreadable, thixotropic pickling gel formulated for the fast and economic treatment ofaustenitic Cr/Ni-steels and materials with a high Nicontent.
POLINOX P Rapid reliably removes all potential corrosion sites such as scale, tarnish and ferritic contaminations.
Already existing corrosion is stopped and the full corrosion resistance of the treated surfaces is reestablished.
The chloride content of POLINOX P Rapid is under 50 ppm.
POLINOX P Rapid achieves metallically pure surfaces and removes between 2 and 4 µm of the metal’s surface depending on the treated material and the treatment time.
POLINOX P Rapid can therefore be used in one or repeated applications for metal ablation by pickling from polished (grinded) weld joints in order to prevent stress induced corrosion cracking.

POLINOX P Rapid is applied by brush onto the welds to be pickled.
It’s orange color improves the control.
The treatment time (pickling time) varies between 5 and 60 minutes at room temperature depending on surface impurities and the material.
If in the case of extreme scaling or highly alloyed materials either the desired pickling effect is not sufficiently achieved or a higher degree of metal ablation is required, the application has to be repeated.
After pickling the surfaces are rinsed with water.
Any remaining residues of scale can easily be removed by rubbing with a sponge or a brush.
During the application the working instructions have to be followed and protective clothing and safety goggles have to be worn.
The rinse water is strongly acidic and contains heavy metals dissolved in the pickling process.
It has to be disposed of according to the statutory laws and regulations.