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Aluminium 4/5% silicon type electrode suitable for the welding of commercially pure aluminium and similar alloys except those which contain magnesium or zinc as main alloying elements.

Rapid deposition rate, good penetration, excellent weldability and slag control.

The special chemically active mineral coating enables easy removal of surface oxides during welding, ensuring results of high quality.

Welding commercially pure aluminium where a slightly higher tensile is required and for higher strength alloys of similar composition.

Suitable for welding the wrought alloys H9, H20 and H30.

The electrodes are unsuitable for welding alloys with high magnesium such as the 5% Mg type

AWS A5.3: E4043

DIN 1732: Al Si 4

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AWS A5.3: E4043

DIN 1732: Al Si 4