Bohler diamondspark 52 RC Flux Core MIG Wire

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Bohler Welding

Diamondspark 52 RC is a premium seamless copper-coated flux-cored wire for multi-purpose applications: shipyards,
bridge constructions, buildings (D1.8 Seismic Supplement approved), heavy thickness material in general construction,
pressure vessels ( meets ASME QW-442 A-No. 1 compositional limits) and even in off-shore and O&G field, for low and
medium alloyed steels using Argon-CO2 shielding gas or pure CO2.

The unique formulation of this cored wire allows combining excellent weldability with excellent mechanical properties until -40°C in mix gas and until -20°C in pure CO2 shielding gas.

This product can be used in sour gas applications; test values for SSC are available (HIC tested acc. to NACE

AWS A5.20 / SFA-5.20: E71T1M/T-9M/T-12M JDH4 / E71T1C/T-9C/T-12C DH4

EN ISO 17632-A: T46 4 P M21 1 H5 / T46 2 P C1 1 H5