Bohler Q E 7018 Low Hydrogen Electrodes

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Low Hydrogen

Bohler Q E 7018 ( Formerly Phoenix 7018) Low Hydrogen Electrodes

Basic coated electrode engineered for high-quality welds. Excellent strength and toughness properties down to –40ºC. Also suitable for
welding steels with low purity and high carbon content. Metal recovery about 115%. Good weldability in out-of-position work except for
vertical-down. Suitable for welding in steel construction, boiler and container fabrication, vehicle construction, shipbuilding, and machine
construction as well as for buffer layers when building up on high carbon steels. Deposit has very low hydrogen content (according to
AWS condition HD < 4ml/100g weld metal).

AWS A5.1: E7018-1

EN ISO 2560-A: E 42 5 B 3 2 H

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