Bohler CN 20/25 M-IG (385) TIG Filler Wire

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Bohler Welding

GTAW rod for corrosion resistant 4 – 5 % Mo-alloyed CrNi-steels like 1.4539 / 904L. Very high
pitting resistant equivalent (PREN ≥ 45) – pitting potential (%Cr + 3.3 x % Mo + 30 x %N). Due to
the high Mo content (6.2 %) in comparison to W-No. 1.4539 respectively UNS N08904, the high
segregation rate of high Mo-alloyed CrNi-weld metal can be compensated. The fully austenitic weld
metal possess a marked resistance towards pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride containing
media. Highly resistant against sulphur-, phosphorus-, acetic- and formic acid, as well as sea-and
brackish water. Caused from the low C-content of the weld metal, the risk of intergranular corrosion
can be avoided. The high Ni-content in comparison to standard CrNi-weld metals leads to high
resistance against stress corrosion cracking.
Special applicable in sulphur- and phosphorus production, pulp and paper industry, flue gas
desulphurisation plants, further on for fertilizer production, petrochemical industry, fatty-, aceticand formic acid production, sea water sludge fittings and pickling plants which are proceeded with
sea or brackish water.

AWS A5.9: ER385 (mod.)

EN ISO 14343-A: W Z20 25 5 Cu N L